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Voice Over Service

All your voice over needs.

  • 5 min
  • 50 US dollars
  • personal studio

Service Description

I can do voice over for any projects you may have; websites, commercials, trade shows, presentations or books. See below or contact for pricing. (based off of the GVAA Rate guide) Non-Broadcast/ Corporate & Industrial VO Single video usage only. Includes editing and file naming/splits. DOES NOT include TV, broadcast, or any additional internet/web advertisement usage. Industrial can command higher rates based on complexity of industry or subject matter. - Finished Minute Scale 1-2 min $350-$450 3-5 min $450-$600 5-10 min. $550-$700 10-15 min $650-$800 15-20 min $750-$950 20-30 min $950-$1,350 30-40 min $1,250-$1,750 40-60 min $1,650-$2,350 E-Learning Per Finished Min $25-$55 pfm Includes editing. $25 per finished minute is an average rate. Adjust as needed depending on quantity and complex/technical language. Per Word $.20-$.35/wrd Includes editing. $.25 per word is an average rate. $.35+ per word may be quoted for complicated or technical language. $.15 per word is acceptable if project is over 5 hours of material (over 50k words). 1 hr of work equates to 10k words. Per Finished Hr $1,500-$3,300 Includes editing. For smaller projects taking an hour or less to complete - $800 per 15 mins of finished audio is an average rate. Per Raw Hr $600-$2,400 RAW recording only. DOES NOT include any editing. Directed Sessions $.10-$.30/word + $150-$300/hr Session Fee for any session that exceeds 60 mins. 1st 60 mins of directed session is included at no charge. Session Fee + per word rate for anything after 60 mins. Contact me for other pricing or review pricing here :

Contact Details


Atlanta, GA 212 Macleans Cross Lane Southeast, Smyrna, GA, USA

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